Béda révisi "Kintetsu"

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Kintetsu segmented many businesses into subsidiary companies; a taxi business to {{nihongo|''Kintetsu Taxi Co., Ltd.''|近鉄タクシー株式会社}} in 1950, a travel business to {{nihongo|''Kinki Nippon Air Travel and Sightseeing Company''|近畿日本航空観光||extra=Now: ''Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd.''}} in 1954, a Department Store business to {{nihongo|''[[Kintetsu Department Store]] Co., Ltd.''|株式会社近鉄百貨店}} in 1972, a bus business to {{nihongo|''Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd.''|近鉄バス株式会社}} and {{nihongo|''Kintetsu Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd.''|近鉄観光バス株式会社}} in 1999 (Kintetsu Sightseeing Bus was merged by Kintetsu Bus on September 1, 2006), and station service to Kintetsu Station Service Company on [[June 28]], [[2003]]. Kinki Nippon Railway Co., Ltd. was renamed "''Kintetsu Corpotation''" on [[June 28]], [[2003]] and the company logo of "Kintetsu" and "近鉄" were renewed and the logo for the official corporate name, "Kintetsu Corporation" and "近畿日本鉄道株式会社" appeared when. However, Kintetsu consolidated Kintetsu Station Service Company on March 31, 2006. Then it founded {{nihongo|''Yoro Railway Co., Ltd.''|養老鉄道株式会社|}} on [[February 14]], [[2007]], then {{nihongo|''Iga Railway Co., Ltd.''|伊賀鉄道株式会社|}} on [[March 26]]. -->
===CurrentJalur lineskiwari (CategoryKategori-1, ropewaykareta andgantung jeung tramway)===
Following lines belong to Kintetsu's {{nihongo|Category-1 railway business|第一種鉄道事業|Dai-isshu tetsudō jigyō}} and {{nihongo|[[aerial tramway|ropeway]]|索道|sakudō}} business under the Railway Business Act and {{nihongo|tramway|軌道|kidō}} business under the Tram Act. This means that Kintetsu is the owner and operator of the lines.