Béda révisi "Éngkang-éngkang"

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==Watek suku hidrofobik éncang-éncang==
[[Image:Wasserläufer bei der Paarung crop.jpg|thumb|left|Éncang-éncang keur [[jalangan]]]]
(can ditarjamahkeun)<!--Water striders can stand effortlessly on water due to their non-wetting [[leg]]s. Writing in [[Nature (journal)|Nature]], [[biophysics|biophysicists]] [[Xuefeng Gao]] and [[Lei Jiang]] show that the water resistance of the legs is due to the "special hierarchical structure of the legs, which are covered by large numbers of oriented tiny [[hair]]s (microsetae) with fine nanogrooves". They go on to demonstrate that this physical structure is more important than the chemical properties of the [[wax]] coating of the legs.
Gao and Jiang calculate the maximal supporting force of a single leg to be is 1.52 [[millinewton]]s (152 [[dyne]]s or 0.011 [[poundal]]), which is about 15 times the total body weight of the insect. This shows that the surface of the leg is strikingly water repellent.
Gao and Jiang used [[Cassie's law]] to show that [[air]] is trapped in spaces in the microsetae and nanogrooves, forming a cushion at the leg–water interface. This cushion prevents the legs from being wetted.
==Baca ogé==