Kareseban: Béda antarrépisi

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===Fase folikulér===
<!--ThroughAlatan thepangaruh influenceningkatna of[[hormon astimulasi rise in [[folikel]](''Follicle stimulating hormone]]'', (FSH), five to seven tertiary-stage ovarian follicles are recruited for entry into the menstrual cycle. These follicles, that have been growing for the better part of a year in a process known as [[folliculogenesis]], compete with each other for dominance. In a signal cascade kicked off by [[luteinizing hormone]] (LH), the follicles secrete [[estradiol]], a steroid that acts to inhibit pituitary secretion of FSH. With diminished FSH supply comes a slowing in growth that eventually leads to follicle death, known as ''atresia''. The largest follicle secretes [[inhibin]] that serves as a finishing blow to less competent follicles by further suppressing FSH. This ''dominant follicle'' continues growing, forms a bulge near the surface of the ovary, and soon becomes competent to ovulate.
The follicles also secrete [[estrogen]]s (of which estradiol is a member). Estrogens initiate the formation of a new layer of endometrium in the uterus, histologically identified as the proliferative endometrium. If fertilised, the [[embryo]] will implant itself within this hospitable flesh.-->