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==Tumbu kaluar==
* [ American Life Histories] WPA Writers' Project 1936–1940 atdi Library of Congress (US)
* Appalachian Studies (NORTHERN)Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA. Richard Wissolik, Ph.D., Director.
* Appalachian Studies (NORTHERN) World War II Oral Histories. They Say There Was A War. European and Pacific Theatres. Richard Wissolik, Ph.D., Director.
* Appalachian Studies (NORTHERN) Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA Richard Wissolik, Ph.D., Director. World War II Oral Histories. The Long Road: From Oran to Pilsen. European Theatre.
* [ American Life Histories] WPA Writers' Project 1936–1940 at Library of Congress (US)
* [ Center for Studies in Oral Tradition] The center's mission is to facilitate communication across disciplinary boundaries by creating linkages among specialists in different fields. Through our various activities we try to foster conversations and exchanges about oral tradition that would not otherwise take place.
* [ Oral History Archives of World War II — RutgersUniversitas UniversityRutgers]
* [ My Recollection] Self-selected memories (non-academics)
* [ Oral History Archives of World War II — Rutgers University]
* [ Oral History Association] (US)
* [ Oral History Association of Australia]
* [ Oral History Directory of Australia]
* [http://wwwbancroft.ericdigestsberkeley.orgedu/1996-4ROHO/ohonline/oral.htm Oral History inOnline the—Berkeley TeachingUniversity] of(lolobana U.S.California jeung History]Dunya Kulon)
* [ Oral History Online —Berkeley University] (mostly California and the West)
* [ Oral History Society (GB)]
* [ Techniques and Procedures of Oral History] US Army Center of Military History
* [ Telling stories — Urban School of San Francisco] (Holocaust narratives)
* [ The Whole World Was Watching] Oral history of 1968 in US — Brown U
* [ World War II Submarine Veterans History Project] California Center for Military History
*[ eTexts] of oral history of former U.S. slaves collected in the 1930s by the WPA, at [[Project Gutenberg]]
*[ In the First Person] ABéréndélan freeleuwih index of more thanti 2,.500 collections ofkumpulan oralsajarah historylisan indina Englishbasa fromInggris aroundti thesakuliah worlddunya.
*[ TheProyék Sajarah Lisan New Haven Oraldi History Project atUniversitas Yale University.]
*[ Story Corps] Program nu ngarékam sajarah lisan manusa kiwari; sadayana disimpen di Library of Congress.
*[ Life in the Model City: Stories of Urban Renewal in New Haven — online oral history-based exhibit]
*[ Story Corps] A program that records the oral history of people today and how we got here. All oral records are stored in the Library of Congress.
*[ ALPAMYSH; A study in Central Asian oral history]
*[ Southern Oral History Project] foundeddiadegkeun taun 1979 byku UNC-Chapel Hill underkalawan the principleprinsip "''You don't have to be famousAnjeun forteu yourkudu lifekawentar topikeun bejadi historysajarah''" - Nell Sigmon
*[ ORAL HISTORY IN FLANDERS; ARamatloka dutchngeunaan websitesajarah aboutlisan Flanders' oral history]