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|fleet_size = 5
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|website = [http://www.citilink.co.id/EN/default.aspx www.citlink.co.id]
'''Citilink''' mangrupakeun pausahaan penerbangan berbiayaa mirah nu puseur na di Jakarta. Citilink oge mangrupakeun anak pausahaan ti maskapai penerbangan [[Garuda Indonesia]].
'''Citilink''' is a [[Low-cost carrier|low-cost airline]] based in [[Jakarta]], [[Indonesia]]. It was established in 2001 and is the low-cost subsidiary of [[Garuda Indonesia]], set up to operate shuttle services between Indonesian cities. Its main base is [[Juanda International Airport]], Surabaya<ref name="FI">{{cite news | title= Directory: World Airlines | work= [[Flight International]] | page= 66 | date= 2007-04-03}}</ref>.
== History ==
The company was founded in 2001 and functioned as an alternative low-cost airlines in Indonesia. Citilink ceased operations since January 15, 2008 to consolidate and plan to continue the flight in I quarter 2008 with the "format and new services". According to the website in August 2008, Citilink will resume flights starting September 2008. At first Citilink operates 5 [[Fokker F28]] which is the remnants of the fleet of [[Garuda Indonesia]]. Citilink inaugurated again on August 8, 2008 by Emirsyah Satar, CEO of Garuda Indonesia. Issued investment reached U.S. $ 10 million, with details of 60% for fuel, 17% for aircraft maintenance and the rest for other expenses. Under new management, Citilink determine Surabaya as its center. Citilink expected to become profitable subsidiaries in addition to [[GMF AeroAsia]] and Aerowisata which is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia.
== Tujuan ==