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Studies using ultrasound have also been used to identify physiological differences between women<ref name="Aquila"/> and changes to the G-Spot region during sex.<ref name="CNNreal"/>
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In a published case study of one woman, it was reported that stimulation of the [[anterior]] vaginal wall made the area grow by fifty percent and that self-reported levels of arousal/orgasm were "deeper" when the G-Spot was stimulated.<ref name="Addiego">{{cite journal |author =Addiego, F; Belzer, EG; Comolli, J; Moger, W; Perry, JD; Whipple, B. |year =1981|title =Female ejaculation: a case study. |journal =Journal of Sex Research |volume =17 |issue =1|pages =13–21 |doi =10.1080/00224498109551094}}</ref> Another study examined eleven women by [[palpate|palpating]] the entire vagina in a clockwise fashion, and reported a specific response to stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall in four of the women.<ref>{{cite journal |author =Goldberg, DC; Whipple, B; Fishkin, RE; Waxman H; Fink PJ; Wiesberg M. |year =1983 |title =The Grafenberg Spot and female ejaculation: a review of initial hypotheses. |journal =J Sex Marital Ther. |volume =9 |pages =27–37 |pmid =6686614 |issue =1}}</ref>