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|footnote3 =The population estimate includes people whose usual residence is in the fifty states and the District of Columbia, including noncitizens. It does not include either those residing in the territories, amounting to more than four million U.S. citizens (most of whom reside in [[Puerto Rico]]), or U.S. citizens residing outside the United States.
'''Amérika Sarikat''', (atawa [[basa Inggris]]: '''United States''', '''U.S.''', '''U.S.A.''', jeung '''Amerika'''; [[basa Indonésia]]: Amerika Serikat, A.S.), mangrupakeun [[nagara]] di [[Amérika Kalér]]. Minangka [[républik federal]], AS wawatesan jeung [[Kanada]] tur [[Méksiko]], sarta manjang ti [[Samudra Atlantik]] nepi ka [[Samudrra Pasifik]]. Ibukotana nyaéta [[Washington, D.C.]].
== Tempo Ogé ==
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