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Hello Wikimedians!
[[File:Wikipedia_Library_owl.svg|thumb|150px|The TWL OWL says sign up today!]]
[[m:The Wikipedia Library|The Wikipedia Library]] is announcing signups today for, free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our [[m:The_Wikipedia_Library/Journals|Publisher Donation Program]]. You can sign up for new accounts and research materials from:
* [[w:en:WP:Gale|Gale]] - multidisciplinary periodicals, newspapers, and reference sources - 10 accounts
* [[w:en:Wikipedia:Brill|Brill]] - academic e-books and journals in English, Dutch, and other languages - 25 accounts
* [[w:fi:Wikipedia:Wikipedian_Lähdekirjasto/Suomalaisen_Kirjallisuuden_Seura|Finnish Literature Society]] (in Finnish)
* [[w:fa:ویکی‌پدیا:مگ‌ایران|Magiran]] (in Farsi) - scientific journal articles - 100 articles
* [[w:fa:ویکی‌پدیا:سیویلیکا|Civilica]] (in Farsi) - Iranian journal articles, seminars, and conferences - 50 accounts
Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on [[m:The_Wikipedia_Library/Journals|our partners page]], including [[w:en:WP:EBSCO|EBSCO]], [[w:en:WP:DeGruyter|DeGruyter]], and [[w:en:WP:Newspaperarchive.com|Newspaperarchive.com]]. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
<br>--[[m:The Wikipedia Library/Coordinators|The Wikipedia Library Team]] 01:01, 11 December 2015 (UTC)
:''Help us a start Wikipedia Library in your language! Email us at wikipedialibrary@wikimedia.org''<br>
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