Béda révisi "Wi (kana)"

Taya parobahan ukuran ,  4 tahun yang lalu
Ngarapihkeun éjahan, replaced: ea → éa
m (Ngarapihkeun éjahan, replaced: ea → éa)
'''ゐ''', in [[hiragana]], or '''ヰ''' in [[katakana]], is an obsolete Japanese [[kana]], eachéach of which represent one [[Mora (linguistics)|mora]]. It is presumed that ゐ represented {{Audio-IPA|Ja-Wi.oga|/ɰi/}} and that ゐ and い indicated different pronunciations until somewhere between the [[Kamakura period]] and the [[Taishō period]] when they both came to denote {{IPA|/i/}}. This kana was deemed obsolete in 1946, and replaced with [[I (kana)|い and イ]]. It is now rare in everyday usage. In fact, in [[onomatopoeia]] and foreign words, the katakana form ウィ (U-[small-i]) is preferred.
One modern-day usage of this kana is the Japanese spelling of [[Black Nikka|Nikka Whiskey]], which is written "ニッカウヰスキー" (nikka uwisukī). Also, the name of the comedy duo [[Yoiko]] is written "よゐこ" (yowiko).
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