Béda révisi "Gunung Agung"

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| Photo = Agung usgs.jpg
| Caption = Gunung Agung taun 1989
| Elevation = 3,031 metresméter (9,944 feetsuku)
| Location = [[Bali|Bali, Indonesia]]
| Prominence =
There are three major approaches to the mountain. From the south, south-east, and from the west. The western approach is the most commonly taken path, as it leads from the Temple of Besakih. It also has spectacular views along the length of the trail. It is important that hikers take their own water with them as the only source of water on the trail is a well that is considered holy and therefore forbidden. Much of the climb is loose soil and rock, so climbers are encouraged to use adequate footwear.
==TheBitu taun 1963-64 Eruption==
The lava flows missed, sometimes by mere yards, the [[Mother Temple of Besakih]]. The saving of the temple is regarded by the [[Balinese people]] as miraculous and a signal from the gods that they wished to demonstrate their power but not destroy the monument the Balinese faithful had erected. However, over 1,000 people were killed and a number of villages were destroyed in this eruption.
[[Image:PIA04951 Mts Agung and Batur.jpg|thumb|300px|MountGunung Agung isdi atbeulah the leftkenca; [[MountGunung Batur]], orjeung what remains of itlianna, is to the rightdi ofbeulah centerkatuhu]]
[[Image:Map indonesia volcanoes.gif|thumb|300px|MapPeta ofgunung volcanoesberapi indi IndonesiaIndonésia]]
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