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== presenting the project Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory and asking for a vounteer in Basa Sunda Wikipedia ==
Hello everyone,
My name is Marc Miquel and I am a researcher from Barcelona (Universitat Pompeu Fabra). While I was doing my PhD I studied whether an identity-based motivation could be important for editor participation and I analyzed content representing the editors' cultural context in 40 Wikipedia language editions. Few months later, I propose creating the '''Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory''' in order to raise awareness on Wikipedia’s current state of cultural diversity, providing datasets, visualizations and statistics, and pointing out solutions to improve intercultural coverage.
I am presenting this project to a grant and I expect that the site becomes a useful tool to help communities create more multicultural encyclopaedias and bridge the content culture gap that exists across language editions (one particular type of systemic bias). For instance, this would help spreading cultural content local to Basa Sunda Wikipedia into the rest of Wikipedia language editions, and viceversa, make Basa Sunda Wikipedia much more multicultural.
Here is the link of the project proposal:
I am searching for a volunteer in each language community: I still need one for the Basa Sunda Wikipedia. If you feel like it, you can contact me at: marcmiquel *at* gmail.com I need a contact in your every community who can (1) check the quality of the cultural context article list I generate to be imported-exported to other language editions, (2) test the interface/data visualizations in their language, and (3) communicate the existance of the tool/site when ready to the language community and especially to those editors involved in projects which could use it or be aligned with it. Communicating it might not be a lot of work, but it will surely have a greater impact if done in native language! :). '''If you like the project, I'd ask you to endorse it in the page I provided.''' In any case, I will appreciate any feedback, comments,... Thanks in advance for your time! Best regards, --[[Pamaké:Marcmiquel|Marcmiquel]] ([[Obrolan pamaké:Marcmiquel|sawala]]) 10 Oktober 2017 15.05 (UTC) Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona