Béda révisi "Tabel lambang matematis"

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<td>implies; if .. then
<td>[[propositional calculus|propositional logic]]
<tr> <td colspan=3>''A'' &rArr; ''B'' means: if ''A'' is true then ''B'' is also true; if ''A'' is false then nothing is said about ''B''.<br>&rarr; may mean the same as &rArr;, or it may have the meaning for [[functionFungsi (mathematicsmatematik)|function]]s mentioned further down
<tr> <td colspan=3>''x'' = 2&nbsp;&nbsp;&rArr;&nbsp; ''x''<sup>2</sup> = 4 is true, but ''x''<sup>2</sup> = 4 &nbsp;&nbsp;&rArr;&nbsp; ''x'' = 2 is in general false (since ''x'' could be &minus;2)
<td rowspan=3 bgcolor=#d0f0d0 align=center><h1>( )<br>[ ]<br>{ }</h1>
<td>[[functionFungsi (mathematicsmatematik)|function]] application; grouping
<td>[[naive set theory|set theory]]
<td>integral from ... to ... of ... with respect to
<tr> <td colspan=3>&int;<sub>''a''</sub><sup>''b''</sup>&nbsp;''f''(''x'')&nbsp;d''x'' means: the signed [[area]] between the ''x''-axis and the [[graph (functions)|graph]] of the [[functionFungsi (mathematicsmatematik)|function]] ''f'' between <var>x</var>&nbsp;= ''a'' and <var>x</var>&nbsp;= ''b''
<tr> <td colspan=3>&int;<sub>0</sub><sup>''b''</sup>&nbsp;x<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;d''x''&nbsp;= ''b''<sup>3</sup>/3; &int;''x''<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;d''x''&nbsp;= ''x''<sup>3</sup>/3