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Computers ''cannot'' solve all mathematical problems. [[Alan Turing]] identified which problems could and could not be solved by computers, and in doing so founded [[theoretical computer science]].
TheHarti meaningkecap ofkomputer thegeus wordrobah computertapi hastetep changedngait butkana haskamampuhan alwaysmesin laggednu behinddipaké the capabilities of machines in use at thedina timemangsana. TheKecap wordieu wasasalna originallydipaké usedpikeun tongadadarkeun describejalma anu personmigawé whoitungan performed arithmetic calculationsaritmétik and this usage is still valid (although it is becoming quite rare in the [[United States]]). The [[Oxford English Dictionary|OED2]] lists the year [[1897]] as the first year the word was used to refer to a [[mechanical calculating device]]. By [[1946]] several qualifiers were introduced by the OED2 to differentiate between the different types of machine. These qualifiers included [[analogue]], [[digital]] and [[electronic]]. However, from the context of the citation, it is obvious these terms were in use prior to 1946.
(seetempo theéntri Wiktionary entrypikeun for the wordkecap [[wiktionary:computer|computer]] forpikeun definitionsdefinisi, translationstarjamah, andjeung a detailedrincian [[wiktionary:etymology|etymologyétimologina]])
==The exponential progress of computer development==