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Dokuméntasi citakan ieu ditransklusi tina Citakan:Border/doc [edit]

To place a border around e.g. an image.

Syntax édit

Basic édit

...where element is the image, text, etc around which the border is to appear. The border will be a solid light grey color (#ddd) and 1px (1 pixel) wide (default settings; see below).

Full édit

{{border |element |width=width |style=style |color=color}}

Parameters édit

(required) The element (image, text, etc) around which the border is to appear.
The width (thickness) of the border (default 1px).
The border's style (dotted, dashed, double (i.e. double-lined), solid (default)).
The border's color (default #ddd, otherwise recommend a named color).