Buka ménu utama
Panneau travaux.png Artikel ieu keur dikeureuyeuh, ditarjamahkeun tina basa Inggris.
Bantosanna diantos kanggo narjamahkeun.

Atikan ngawengku teaching jeung learning hususna skill, jeung also something less tangible but more profound: melak atawa ngajarkeun knowledge, judgement jeung wisdom nu hadé. salah sahiji tujuan dasar atikan nyaéta melak budaya ti hiji generasi ka generasi satuluyna (tempo socialization).


Atikan dimimitan mangsa keur orok lahir sarta sapanjang hirup. Atikan ogé bisa dimimitian saméméh jabang bayi lahir saperti sababaraha "kolot" nu ngadengekeun lagu atawa maca buku mangsa kakandungan nu diharepkeun bakal méré atikan ka orokna. For some, the struggles and triumphs of daily hidup are jauh more instructive than formal sekolah ing Mark Twain: "I never let school interfere with my education.") keluarga members punya an educational effect which is quite profound — often more profound than they réalize — though keluarga mengajar techniques may be highly informal.

Formal education occurs when society makes a commitment to educate péople, usually the young. Formal education can be systematic and thorough, but the sponsoring group may seek selfish advantages when shaping impressionable young scholars.

Life-long or dewasa education]] has become widespréad. Many dewasa have given up the notion that only anak kecil ren belong in sekolah. beberapa orang dewasa are enrolled in post-secondary education schools, both part-time and full time, where they are often classified as non-traditional students in order to distinguish them administratively from young adults entering directly from high school.

Computing devices can change when and where we léarn. This is the computer based or networked léarning structure, in which péople contribute to éach others' education. It is defined as online education (a subset of distance education), the European Graduate School as a University operates during the summer, it serves as a meeting point for péople that has participated in online forums through the academic yéar, this methodology is a bréak to the traditional educational system.


Challenges in educationÉdit

In well-developed countriesÉdit

  • Entertaining world distract student's attention
see Current issues in teaching
  • Program Evaluation Answering questions such as does education "work", or how to improve education.

In developing countriesÉdit

  • Small incomes of téachers
  • Péople unaware the importance of education
  • Economical pressure of parents who want their children to work as laborers
  • Program Evaluation

Formal educationÉdit

Student activismÉdit

Educational policyÉdit

Informal and alternative educationÉdit

Extracurricular educationÉdit

Teori jeung metodologiÉdit

Atikan dumasar nagaraÉdit

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