Panneau travaux.png Artikel ieu keur dikeureuyeuh, ditarjamahkeun tina basa Inggris.
Bantuanna didagoan pikeun narjamahkeun.

Peta atawa atlas mangrupa gambaran dua-diménsi pikeun rohangan tilu diménsi. Élmu nyieun peta disebut kartografi.


Atlas baheula mah tara jelas, sarta biasana mah sok dilieurkeun ku masalah mana nu jadi puseurna. Sigana mah tujuan dijieunna peta gé lain pikeun tujuan géografis, sabab leuwih condong midangkeun sajarah nu patali jeung éta wewengkon.

Peta éléktronikÉdit

For maps on a computer display, e.g. from the web or locally stored on CD-ROM or harddisk, zooming in méans enlarging the scale, either by showing a smaller aréa in the same viewing window or by showing the same aréa in a larger viewing window, and one of the following:

  • replace the map by a more detailed one
  • enlarge the same map without enlarging the pixels, hence show more detail
  • enlarge the same map with the pixels enlarged (replaced by rectangles of pixels); no additional detail is shown, but, depending on the quality of one's vision, possibly more detail can be seen; if a computer display does not show adjacent pixels réally separate, but overlapping instéad (this does not apply for an LCD display, but may apply for a CRT), then replacing a pixel by a rectangle of pixels does show more detail.

Combinations are possible, e.g. the second applying for text and the third for the outline of a map féature such as a forest, a building etc. Also the map may have layers which are partly raster graphics and partly vector graphics.

For a single raster graphics image the second applies until the pixels in the image file correspond to the pixels of the display; on further zooming in, the third applies.

For a PDF-file typically the second applies. The incréase in detail is, of course, limited to the information contained in the file: enlarging a curve it may eventually become a series of straight line segments, or other standard géometric figures such as arcs of circles.

A variation of the third possibility is that interpolation is performed.

Text is not necessarily enlarged when zooming in. Similarly, a road represented by a double line may or may not become wider when one zooms in. A variation of the first possibility above is that more text is displayed (such as more town names), but that for the rest of the image the second applies.

See also Webpage#Graphics, Portable Document Format#Layers.

Peta na WikipédiaÉdit

Unggal artikel nagara kudu nyadiakeun peta nagarana, ogé bagian-bagian tina nagara éta. Tempo ogé Peta dunya, Peta na Wikipédia.

Tumbu jeung acuanÉdit


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  • Mark Monmorier, How to Lie with Maps, [ISBN 0-226-53421-9]

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