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In October 2010, the average age of Lion Air's average fleet is 7.2 years.<ref>[ Lion Air Fleet Age]</ref>
[[Image:737 900.jpg|thumb|right|A Lion Air [[Boeing 737-900ER]] parkedparkir atdi [[SultanApron]] Hasanuddin[[Bandara InternationalInternasional AirportSultan Hasanuddin]], [[IndonesiaMakassar]]. (2007)]]
Throughout 2007 to 2012, 138 [[Boeing 737-900ER]]s will be delivered from the total 178 aircraft ordered to strengthen Lion Air's fleet. The 737-900ER is the newest member of the Next Generation 737 family. All other aircraft, including the Boeing 737 Classic family and the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing MD-80 family, are being phased out to make room for their new aircraft.
== Insiden jeung kacilakaan ==
*Kaping 14 Januari 2002, Lion Air penerbangan 386, [[Boeing 737-200]] murag saatos gagal take off, teu aya korban jiwa.
*Kaping 30 Noember 2004, Lion Air penerbangan 538, [[McDonnell Douglas MD-82]], murag di [[Solo]], korban jiwa 25 jalmi.
*Kaping 4 Maret 2006, Lion Air penerbangan 8987, [[McDonnell Douglas MD-82]], pesawat kaluar ti landasan saatos mendarat di [[Bandara Internasional Juanda]],
*Kaping 24 Desember 2006, Lion Air penerbangan 792, [[Boeing 737-400]], pesawat mendarat teu sajajar jeung landasan.
*Kaping 9 Maret 2009, Lion Air penerbangan 793, [[McDonnell Douglas MD-90]], pesawat kaluar ti landasan di [[Bandara Internasional Soekarno Hatta]].
*Kaping 13 Desember 2009, Lion Air penerbangan 391, [[Boeing 737-400]], pesawat kaluar ti landasan di [[Bandara Sultan Syarif Kasim II]], [[Pekanbaru]].
*Kaping 2 November 2010, Lion Air penerbangan 712, [[Boeing 737-400]], pesawat kaluar ti landasan di [[Bandara Supadio]], [[Pontianak]].
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