Béda révisi "Komputer"

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Nowadays, most computers appear to execute several programs at the same time. This is usually referred to as [[multitasking]]. In reality, the CPU executes instructions from one program, then after a short period of time, it switches to a second program and executes some of its instructions. This small interval of time is often referred to as a time slice. This creates the illusion of multiple programs being executed simultaneously by sharing the CPU's time between the programs. This is similar to how a movie is simply a rapid succession of still frames. The [[operating system]] is the program that usually controls this time sharing.
====OperatingSistim systemoperasi====
AKomputer computersalawasna alwaysbutuh needssahanteuna at least onehiji program runningnu atsalawasna alljalan timessangkang tooperasina operatejalan. UnderDina operasi normal operation this program isieu thekatelah [[operatingsistim systemoperasi]] (Ing. ''OSoperating system'', OS). TheSistim operatingoperasi systemnangtukeun decidesprogram whichmana programsnu are runjalan, wheniraha, andjeung whatsumberdaya resourcesnaon (suchkayaning asmémori memory oratawa I/O) they getnu tokudu usedipaké. The operating system also provides a layer of abstraction over the hardware, and gives access by providing services to other programs, such as code ("drivers") which allow programmers to write programs for a machine without needing to know the intimate details of all attached electronic devices.
==Tempo ogé==