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{{dablink|Artikel ieu ngeunaan nagara di Amérika beulah kalér. Keur kagunaan séjén istilah nu kaalihkeun ka dieu, tempo [[AS (disambiguasi)]], [[AS (disambiguasi)]] jeung [[Amérika Serikat (disambiguasi)]].}}
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{{Infobox Country
|native_name = United States of America
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|conventional_long_name = Amérika Serikat
|common_name = Amérika Serikat
|image_flag = Flag of the United States.svg
|image_coat = US-GreatSeal-Obverse.svg
|length = 1776 - Présént
|national_motto = <!--Please read the talk page before editing these mottoes:-->"[[In God We Trust]]"{{spaces|2}}<small>(since 1956)</small><br />{{lang|la|''"[[E pluribus unum|E Pluribus Unum]]"''}}{{spaces|2}}<small>("From Many, One"; [[Basa Latin|Latén]], traditional)</small>
|image_map = Location_United_States.svg
|national_anthem = "[[The Star-Spangled Banner]]"
|languages_type = [[Basa Nasional]]
|languages = [[Basa Inggris]] (''[[de facto]])''{{smallsup|1}}
|capital = [[Washington, D.C.]]
|latd=38 |latm=53 |latNS=N |longd=77 |longm=02 |longEW=W
|largest_city = [[New York City]]
|government_type = [[Républik konstitusional]] [[Républik Féderal|Féderal]]
|leader_title1 = [[Présidén Amérika Sarikat|Présidén]]
|leader_name1 = [[Barack Obama]] [[Partéy Demokrat (Amérika Sarikat)|(D)]]
|leader_title2 = [[Wakil Présidén Amérika Sarikat|Wakil Présidén]]
|leader_name2 = [[Joe Biden]] [[Partéy Demokrat (Amérika Sarikat)|(D)]]
|leader_title3 = {{nowrap|[[Speaker of the United States House of Representatives|Speaker of The House]]}}
|leader_name3 = [[John Boehner]] [[Partéy Republican (Amérika Sarikat)|(R)]]
|leader_title4 = [[Chief Justice of the United States|Chief Justice]]
|leader_name4 = [[John Roberts]]
|sovereignty_type = [[Perang Révolusionér Amérika|Kamerdikaan]] {{nobold|ti [[Britania Raya]]}}
|established_event1 = [[Déklarasi Kamerdikaan Amérika Sarikat|Déklarasi]]
|established_date1 = [[4 Juli]] [[1776]]
|established_event2 = [[Perjangjian Paris (1783)|Diaku]]
|established_date2 = [[3 Séptémber]] [[1783]]
|area_footnote =<ref name="CIA World Factbook" />
|area = 9826630
|areami² = 3793079
|area_rank = ka-3{{smallsup|2}}<!--dispute re 3rd/4th covered by footnote2 below-->
|area_magnitude = 1 E12
|percent_water = 6.76
|population_estimate = {{uspop commas}}<ref>Extrapolation from [http://www.census.gov/population/www/popclockus.html U.S. POPClock]. U.S. Census Bureau. Updated automatically.</ref>
|population_estimate_year = {{CURRENTYEAR}}
|population_estimate_rank = ka-3{{smallsup|3}}
|population_census = 281,421,906
|population_census_year = 2000
|population_density = 31
|population_densitymi² = 80
|population_density_rank = ka-172
|GDP_PPP_year = 2006
|GDP_PPP = $13,020,861m <ref name="IMF GDP">{{cite web|url=http://imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2007/01/data/weorept.aspx?sy=2005&ey=2007&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&pr1.x=67&pr1.y=11&c=512%2C941%2C914%2C446%2C612%2C666%2C614%2C668%2C311%2C672%2C213%2C946%2C911%2C137%2C193%2C962%2C122%2C674%2C912%2C676%2C313%2C548%2C419%2C556%2C513%2C678%2C316%2C181%2C913%2C682%2C124%2C684%2C339%2C273%2C638%2C921%2C514%2C948%2C218%2C686%2C963%2C688%2C616%2C518%2C223%2C728%2C516%2C558%2C918%2C138%2C748%2C196%2C618%2C278%2C522%2C692%2C622%2C694%2C156%2C142%2C624%2C449%2C626%2C564%2C628%2C283%2C228%2C853%2C924%2C288%2C233%2C293%2C632%2C566%2C636%2C964%2C634%2C182%2C238%2C453%2C662%2C968%2C960%2C922%2C423%2C714%2C935%2C862%2C128%2C716%2C611%2C456%2C321%2C722%2C243%2C965%2C248%2C718%2C469%2C724%2C253%2C576%2C642%2C936%2C643%2C961%2C939%2C813%2C644%2C199%2C819%2C184%2C172%2C524%2C132%2C361%2C646%2C362%2C648%2C364%2C915%2C732%2C134%2C366%2C652%2C734%2C174%2C144%2C328%2C146%2C258%2C463%2C656%2C528%2C654%2C923%2C336%2C738%2C263%2C578%2C268%2C537%2C532%2C742%2C944%2C866%2C176%2C369%2C534%2C744%2C536%2C186%2C429%2C925%2C178%2C746%2C436%2C926%2C136%2C466%2C343%2C112%2C158%2C111%2C439%2C298%2C916%2C927%2C664%2C846%2C826%2C299%2C542%2C582%2C443%2C474%2C917%2C754%2C544%2C698&s=NGDP_RPCH%2CNGDPD%2CNGDPDPC%2CPPPWGT%2CPPPPC%2CPPPSH&grp=0&a=|publisher=International Monetary Fund|title=Report for Selected Countries and Subjects (180 countries; 6 subjects)|accessdate = 2007-06-17}}</ref>
|GDP_PPP_rank = ka-1
|GDP_PPP_per_capita = $43,444
|GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank = ka-4
|GDP_nominal = $13,244,550m
<ref name="IMF GDP"/>
|GDP_nominal_rank = ka-1
|GDP_nominal_year = 2006
|GDP_nominal_per_capita = $44,190
|GDP_nominal_per_capita_rank = ka-8
|HDI_year = 2004
|HDI = 0.948
|HDI_rank = ka-8
|HDI_category = <font color="#009900">high</font><ref>{{cite web|url=http://hdr.undp.org/hdr2006/pdfs/report/HDR_2006_Tables.pdf|title=Table 1: Human Development Index|publisher=United Nations Development Program|work=Human Development Report 2006|accessdate = 2006-12-28}}</ref>
|Gini = 46.9<ref name="USCB HINC">{{cite web|url=http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/income/histinc/p60no231_tablea3.pdf|title=Household Income Distribution, 1967 to 2005|publisher=U.S. Census Bureau|date=2006|accessdate = 2006-12-28}}</ref>
|Gini_year = 2005
|currency = [[Dollar Amérika Serikat]] ($)
|currency_code = USD "$"
|country_code = USA
|utc_offset = -5 to -10
|utc_offset_DST = -4 to -10
|cctld = [[.us]] [[.gov]] [[.mil]] [[.edu]]
|calling_code = 1
|demonym = [[Amérika (kecap)|Amérika]]
|footnote1 = English is the ''[[de facto]]'' language of American government; [[Spanish language|Spanish]] is the second most common. English, Spanish, [[French language|French]], and [[Hawaiian language|Hawaiian]] are officially recognized by various states.
|footnote2 = Sometimes listed as fourth largest in area; the rank is [[List of countries and outlying territories by total area|disputed]] with [[People's Republic of China|China&nbsp;(PRC)]]. The U.S. figure includes only the fifty states and the District of Columbia, not the territories.
|footnote3 =The population estimate includes people whose usual residence is in the fifty states and the District of Columbia, including noncitizens. It does not include either those residing in the territories, amounting to more than four million U.S. citizens (most of whom reside in [[Puerto Rico]]), or U.S. citizens residing outside the United States.
'''Amérika Sarikat''', (atawa [[basa Inggris]]: '''United States''', '''U.S.''', '''U.S.A.''', jeung '''Amérika'''; [[basa Indonésia]]: Amérika Serikat, A.S.), mangrupa [[nagara]] di [[Amérika Kalér]]. Minangka [[républik federal]], AS wawatesan jeung [[Kanada]] tur [[Méksiko]], sarta manjang ti [[Samudra Atlantik]] nepi ka [[Samudrra Pasifik]]. Ibukotana nyaéta [[Washington, D.C.]].
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