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Man'yōgana continue to appear in some regional names of present-day Japan, especially in [[Kyushu]]. A phenomenon similar to man'yōgana, called [[ateji]] (当て字), still occurs, where words (including [[loanword]]s) are spelled out using kanji for their phonetic value: for example, 倶楽部 (''kurabu'', club).
[[Image:Katakana_origine.png|thumb|300px|left|Katakana with man'yōgana equivalents (segments of man'yōgana adapted into katakana shown in red)]]
[[Image:Hiragana_origin.jpg|thumb|300px|left|Development of hiragana from man'yōgana]]
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==Types of Manyogana==
In man'yōgana, kanji mapped to sounds in a number of different ways, some of which were straightforward, others less so.